The Empires of the Lego World

As of December 31, 2019

Empire Name: The Republic The Agents Rocket Team / Rocket Army
Rise: Built in 2013-14 by Gabe and Madi to help bring together all Lego citizens Made in early 2019 to help the struggling Republic Formed by Rocket in late 2019, helped him to destroy the Republic and the Agents
Reign: 2014-2019, attacked by BGA, Minions, Rocket, EvilDude, Micros, others 2019, attacked by BGA, Republic, eventually befriends Republic 2019-Present, attacked by Republic, Agents, Agents 2.0, Micros
Fall: Destroyed by Rocket Team mid-2019 Destroyed by Rocket Team mid-2019 None
Fall of an Empire
Fall of an Empire